Permar About

For more than 30 years, permar has guided community developers, landowners, builders and lenders to more informed decisions based on our market-driven, innovative and pragmatic recommendations. We have a passion for real estate market research, but our involvement in the planning, investment and development process reaches well beyond research. . Our work in identifying market potential, creating and refining development concepts and supporting the entitlement approval process directly enhances an asset's value.

As independent real estate advisors, we take a disciplined yet, creative approach. We surmise opportunities and constraints, identify viable land uses and product, estimate market potential, identify target customers, position and price product, and collaborate to evolve their concept and programming ideas. It all adds up to better places for people to live and businesses to thrive. Places that make a difference in people's lives - and therefore command a competitive edge. That's the motivation behind everything we do.